Sylvester Oromoni: Interim Legal Advice Recommends Prosecution Of Dowen College, Staff – Police


Sylvester Oromoni: Police Begin Investigation Into Death Of Dowen College Student As School Gets SealedA Chief Superintendent of Police with Lagos State Criminal Investigative Department, Bamidele Olusegun has said that initial legal advice recommended the prosecution of the Dowen College school and some of its staff.

CSP Olusegun made this known on Monday during Coroner Inquest hearing into the death of a 12-year-old student of the school, Sylvester Oromoni.

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He informed the court presided by Magistrate Mikhail Kadiri that he received a report from the DPP dated December 30, 2021, which was called interim legal advice recommended that the staff should be prosecuted for alleged negligence.

CSP Olusegun, who said he was serving with the homicide section of the Lagos State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID), Panti section in 2021 disclosed this while being cross-examined by Femi Falana, SAN.

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Reading part of the interim report dated December 30, 2021, the witness said:

There are facts that the students made series of reports of acts of bullying and intimidation against them to the teachers and house parents whose duties were to protect the children under their care.

Facts further reveal that most of the statements and reports were not seriously attended to but disregarded by the house parents. No punitive measures were imposed beyond the suspension of known bullies in the school.

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He added;

The school does not have an adequate policy for addressing issues of bullying, stalking, and unacceptable behaviour by the seniors against the junior students.

The office intends to prosecute Mrs Celina Uduak, Valentine Igboekweze, Hammed Ayomo Bariyu, Adesanya Olusegun and Mr. Adeyemi and Dowen College, Lagos for the offence of Negligent Acts causing harm under Section 252 Criminal Law of Lagos 2015.

CSP Olusegun who narrated to the court the various steps he took to investigate the matter also confirmed that under cross-examination, the police were initially shocked by the decision of the magistrate court to grant bail to the Dowen staff and the five suspected students.

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This, to the police officer, is that the Force was yet to conclude its investigations.

Falana asked;

Are you aware that there was a protest by the police to the Chief Judge that they were not allowed to conclude investigation?

Yes”, the witness replied.

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Falana continued;

After this protest, were the suspects brought back for further interrogation?

No”, the witness replied.

Falana stressed;

During investigations, one of the students told you that the deceased was bullied?

To which the witness replied, “Yes.”

Did any of the witnesses tell you that the deceased was taken to the third floor of the school and tortured?Falana asked.

Witness replied; “The claim wasn’t substantiated but yes, I was told.”

Falana asked; “Did any of the witnesses tell you that the deceased was injured on the 14th of November?

Witness stated; “I can’t remember.”

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At this point, the witness was confronted with the statement of a student who wrote;

Sylvester Oromoni played football on Sunday, November 14, he was dragging his leg because he had an injury and on Monday, November 15, he didn’t attend class but was in the sickbay.

The CSP was also confronted with the statement of another student and was asked;

Is he the one who told you that the deceased was taken to the third floor where he was subjected to torture?

Yes”, came the reply.

The witness was then asked to read to the hearing of court, some of the conclusions from the police report dated December 23, 2021.

He read;

It is evidently clear that some group of students constitute themselves into a clique that bullies and intimidates fellow students in the school.

When asked to mention the students who formed the clique, the witness noted that his report mentioned Michael Kashamu and Edward Bague who were earlier reprimanded for bullying other students. He was, however, quick to say that there was nothing to link them to the Oromoni case.

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Following questioning, Magistrate Mikhail Kadiri adjourned further proceedings till Tuesday, February 22.

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