Father Of Late Dowen College Student Alleges He Was Beaten, Fed Chemical (Video)


Father Of Late Dowen College Student Alleges He Was Beaten, Fed ChemicalFather of late 12-year-old Dowen College student, Sylvester Oromoni, who bears the same name, has demanded an explanation from the school’s teachers and security men.

He also stated that all his family wants is justice for his son’s death, that everyone involved is brought to book.

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Mr Oromoni expressed during an interview with ThePunch saying;

The demand of the Oromoni family is justice. They should bring the killers to justice; those who gave him something to drink, those who beat him up, the people he mentioned. They should be allowed to say something.

The school should come out and tell me, the family, and Nigerians the true story of the death of my son. Because if you’re playing football (as they claim), football is not played alone.

Those who played football with him, those who were in the room with him, the other people that were in the school, the housemasters, the security, at least there must have been someone there watching them since they’re small children.

During the interview, Oromoni revealed that the school management did not reach out to them after he was taken home to Warri from Lagos.

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He stated;

Until this boy gave up the ghost, the school did not call us one day. Only the nurse called to tell his mother to come and pick him up and his JSS 1 class teacher.

Sylvester’s father said;

They kicked him, matched his waist. He suffered liver enlargement due to congealed blood.

He revealed the schoolboy’s last words before he died.

According to him, the boy said: “Mummy, I didn’t play ball. I didn’t fall”.

He also said the parents of the boys who bullied his son are trying to fly them out of the country.

Oromoni painted a picture of serial bullying of his son in the school, where he has three children. The latest bullies, he said, are five, four in SS2 while one is in SS1.

He stated;

They put fear in him so much so that, when you ask him, he might keep to himself and say, ‘they will kill me’. This way, we didn’t know what to do. I considered removing him since his sisters were still in the school.

The new incident came to my knowledge on November 21st after the school called my wife to notify us that our son was in the school clinic, injured. My senior son, who was to make a London trip, came to see us in Warri.

The next day, we sent a family friend to help pick up our son since he was the only person in Lagos and take him to the hospital.

The father of the victim stated;

When he got there, he panicked, pointing out that he doubts it’s a football injury as the school claimed. He said the boy couldn’t stand because his waist was bent and swollen along with one side of his belly. His mouth was black. I asked, ‘is this really a football injury?’ He was taken to my house in Lagos but couldn’t sleep at night.

I asked my eldest son to fly to Lagos on November 24 while I took a trip to Asaba, from where I’d also make for Lagos.

On getting there, he screamed. ‘This is beyond football injury. Come to Lagos now,’ he told me over the phone.

Dowen College authorities in a statement earlier narrated Sylvester’s illness from 21 November when it was reported that he was injured while playing football.

The principal of the school who issued the statement said first aid was applied and that Sylvester reported for class on 22 November.

But again, he complained of ill health and went to the sick bay for attention. He complained of pain in his hip.

The parents were called by the resident doctor, to take the boy for further medical attention. It was not the parents who showed up, but the guardian in Lagos.

According to the statement, the guardian informed Dowen College that further medical checks did not indicate any injury.

Many celebrities and influencers have now called for a probe of the boy’s death.

Watch a video of the victim’s son speaking below;

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