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The Moji Delano Blog(MDB) is a foremost blogging platform that has carved a niche for itself amongst a very serious and technologically savvy demographic. Since its inception in August 2012, MDB has built a fervent daily followership reaching over 20,000 increasingly satiated information seekers.

Over the years, MDB has distinguished itself by having a slightly different bent with technology, providing the latest news on cutting edge innovations, and putting out educative content. This has made the blog(website and social media) the destination point for the very inquisitive technophile. MDB Is also known to provide up to date information on lifestyle, hard news, politics, sports, fashion and health. It has broken a lot of exclusives and has continued to redefine the blogosphere beyond just gossip.

MDB has also used its various social media platforms to help the growth of small businesses and growing entrepreneurs by offering them a platform to freely advertise their goods and services from time to time as well foster long lasting relationships amongst people from different works of life. For us at MDB, we try make the world a better place (especially on social media ) by spreading positivity, creating a healthy, interactive atmosphere for readers while keeping them abreast of happenings around the world.

Over the years MDB has built a fan base of 5,000+ on whatsapp, 43,000+ on Twitter, 38,000+ on Instagram, 900,000+ on Facebook and still growing.


Moji Delano

Moji graduated from the University of Lagos with a Law degree and attended the Lagos Law School.

She is an online media aficionado, communications strategist,  and entrepreneur in her 30’s who loves media. Her zest and energy to succeed coupled with her very strong interpersonal skills has seen her building her blog from just a passionate hobby to a strong platform for social influence and brand.

Today she has expanded to having her own company SMD Media. SMD Media: Rc 1335990 consults for large corporates drawn especially from the Finance, Technology, Advertising and Media, Creative Arts sectors, where her brand has grown significant leverage and contacts.

Moji Delano

She is also the pioneer Chairperson of the Digital Media Practitioners of Nigeria-DMPN, an Association whose  vision is to influence on a larger scale for a greater good to impact lives positively, ensure the standardisation and the continuous enthronement of ethical practises within the digital  space .

Moji is a lover of the Arts, Fashion and Entertainment with a strong plan to own her own shoe/bag  line, record label, Movie production company among other things.

Moji Delano
Google Nigeria’s ‘Coming to America’ themed end of the year 2019 party.