Single Mother Explains Why She ‘Makes Love’ To Her Son (VIDEO)



Ghanaian single mother speaks on affair with her son

A single mother in a recent discussion with the Ghanaian YouTuber, Arnold Elavanyo of Ghana’s VIBES IN 5 opened up on her incest relationship with her son.

According to the single mother simply identified as Benny, who used to be a lesbian said she “used to have sex with her own son“.

She stated that she often engages in the incestuous behaviour whenever she thinks about her ex-partners.

Benny added that the intercourse has only happened once, albeit, he has continued to admonish her to reach out to him whenever she wants to quench her urges.

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Adding to her point, she revealed that she eventually gave in to the desire by going down with her son once but never again even though he proposed to be available if she ever needs him.

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Speaking during the session, Benny stated, “I recently had it with my own son…

Perplexed by her confession, the host, Arnold asked, “with who, how was it?

The former lesbian continued, “My son is not that young.

Whenever I post on my WhatsApp that I miss my exes, he will offer to help me out.”

Benny went on to mention that despite being in possession of dildos, a female pleasuring tool, she oftentimes still desires the ‘real one’.

Listen to her speak about her incestuous affair below.


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