Paternity Fraud: Nigerian Lady Recounts How Her Friend Got Pregnant For Another Man Months Prior To Her Wedding

Paternity Fraud
The topic of paternity fraud currently trending on Twitter.

In a thread narrated on Twitter on Tuesday night, a lady identified as @AnnangQueen accused her friend of committing paternity fraud. Sharing a conversation between herself and her friend identified as Debbie (or Deborah), the young lady imposed her unborn child on her fiancé, Victor.

The thread has since instigated a divide and a debate across social media.

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Paternity fraud, also known as misattributed paternity or paternal discrepancy, occurs when a man is incorrectly identified as the biological father of a child.

It has become one of the trending topics on social media and among Nigerians. Several men have been advised to take a DNA test so as to avoid raising a child that doesn’t belong to them.

In the thread that was shared by @AnnangQueen on Twitter, she disclosed that her friend had an affair with another guy who she identified as a ‘friend’ of hers.

She claimed that she never had the intention of having intercourse with ‘the friend’, albeit, due to the unfortunate incident that unraveled on that day such as heavy rainfall and the lateness of time, she was unable to go home. Debbie in the WhatsApp conversation also mentioned that her ‘friend’ did not have an umbrella, hence, she had to stay behind.

While she was at his residence, they had sex and unfortunately, he impregnated her.

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In the latter part of the conversation, Debbie revealed that she does not want to inform her ‘friend’ about the pregnancy because she is afraid he might want to marry her. She stated that she wanted to settle down with her fiancé because ‘he is the one she really loves.’

After soliciting for advise from her friend, @AnnangQueen who is the narrator of the thread, she perceived she was judged and instead preferred not to invite her to wedding ceremony which took place two months afterwards.

Read the thread and conversation below.

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