I Will Run A People-Centred Economy – PDP’s Mohammed Hayatu-Deen Promises


I Will Run A People-Centred Economy - PDP’s Mohammed Hayatu-Deen PromisesOne of People’s Democratic Party (PDP) presidential aspirants, Mohammed Hayatu-Deen, has promised to run a people-centred economy that will caters to the welfare of the people.

Expressing this in a statement, Hayatu-Deen stated this he made this decision because he understands that everything begins and ends with putting bread and butter on the table.

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The Borno-born businessman expressed that his goal, if election as President, will be;

To create avenues for families to have a quality of life that guarantees, at the very minimum, nutritious and affordable meals by promoting market-led policies and building an enabling environment to encourage private sector investment and involvement.

MHD will delineate the role of Government, to focus on areas of strategic national interest like Education, Health and National security, while unleashing the creative energy of the private sector to generate prosperity for the Nigerian people.

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He strongly believes that it is time to reignite the inherent entrepreneurial qualities of the Nigerian people through policies that open up the market for opportunities without government interference.

Why support and vote for MHD

Speaking on why he should be supported and voted for, MHD stated that Nigeria is arguably going through its most challenging times since the return of democracy in the fourth republic.

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He further stated that in the last six years, Nigeria has been through two recessions, the last being in the third quarter of 2020 with a GDP decline of 3.6%, having contracted 6.1% in the second quarter.

Hayatu-Deen noted;

Although the previous recession can be attributed to the global impact of the COVID 19 pandemic, the recession of 2016 was due to misgovernment and a lack of foresight.

The challenges are profound, structural, and rapidly compounding due to the ingrained mindset of continuously doing the wrong things and expecting different results. If these bad habits continue unabated, there is no doubt Nigeria will eventually collapse.

He stressed;

However, with a clear vision, a robust strategic plan, and unrelenting commitment, Nigeria can demonstrate a turnaround comparable to countries referred to as the East Asian Tigers – Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. Therefore, to begin this process, there is the need to take a data-driven approach to grow the economy and reposition Nigeria for competitiveness.

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Hayatu-Deen also shared some statistics to buttress his point, saying;

The table below indicates some critical economic indices which give cause for sober reflection before we set on the journey to rebuild Nigeria:

Some critical economic indices for Nigeria
Sources: Budget Office of the Federation, National Bureau of Statistics, Federal Inland Revenue Service, World Bank, and International Monetary Fund

MHD concluded;

These indices send one message – the situation is getting considerably worse, and Nigeria needs a leader that the people believe can lead them to a better-quality life.

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