Hold Me Accountable On My Promises – PDP Presidential Hopeful, Mohammed Hayatu-Deen


Hold Me Accountable On My Promises - PDP Presidential Hopeful, Mohammed Hayatu-DeenPresidential hopeful, Mohammed Hayatu-Deen (MHD), has asked Nigerias to hold him accountable, if he fails deliver on good governance.

Hayatu-Deen, who is contesting for the office of the number citizen of the county on the platform of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), said he is expected to be held accountable to deliver impact.

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In an exclusive interview with MDB, the Borno state born presidential hopeful said the expected results and measurable outcomes to deliver immediate impact while shaping the country for a sustained economic path will includes;

• Visibly efficient use of public resources with reduced cost of government and use of technology to disrupt corruption enabling practices and improve services to the citizenry and residents
• Enable more secure channels for value creation without prejudice.
• o Put an open, fair, and just system that works for all Nigerians, providing equal access to opportunity and respecting every Nigerian’s fundamental human rights.

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He stressed;

Social System:

• Develop strategic health, education, and environmental infrastructure and systems that truly serve the public interest.

• Sign an executive order for the freedom of girls that ensures all girls go to school, and practices that stop this shall be abolished.

• Reintroduce a minimum of 35% affirmative action for women and 40% of government positions given to youths

• Develop one standard institution in each of the six geopolitical zones of the country in sectors such as Health, Education, and Tourism

• International Relations [Nigeria’s place in the world]
• Make our embassies and airports work for Nigerians and
• Improve Nigeria’s place globally and make Nigeria one
of the top fifty countries in foreign policy positions
• A vibrant economy – improve the ease of doing business through better regulatory practices and protection of investors.

•Unbundle transmission in the power sector and increase the number of hours Nigerians enjoy light to at least 12 hours a day. Priority will be given to the industrial areas and clusters with high economic activities.
• Track jobs created! – incentivise the private sector and encourage public-private partnership with better-earning potential for the people and reduction of cost of food items (Food on the table)
• Increase the tax revenue to GDP ratio to 15%. This will be done by broadening the tax base and integrating the informal sector into the mainstream economy.

•Increase the productivity and output of thr people.
• Reduce unemployment by 50% by adopting the private sector as the critical job-creating sector of the economy.

Speaking on security, the presidential aspirant stated;

 A secured environment – zero loss of lives from systems weaknesses and a national security policy that gives people comfort that government is in charge, guaranteeing the security of lives and properties.
• Take back over territories under the control of terrorists; Make our roads safe with people free to do business and work in any part of Nigeria without fear and discrimination.
• Put in place a people-centred and robust National Security master plan.

MHD declared that his government will develop a clear measurement framework with best practices and ensure outcomes are adequately measured and tracked for execution.

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