2023: Why I Want To Be President — Mustapha Hayatu-Deen


2023: Why I Want To Be President — Mustapha Hayatu-DeenOne of the presidential candidate on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party for the 2023 elections, Mohammed Hayatu-Deen, has highlighted reasons he wants to lead Nigeria.

Hayatu-Deen, fondly known as MHD, stated this in a statement shared titled: “MHD’s vision for transforming Nigeria for all.

The Borno-born presidential aspirant expressed that one of the reasons he wants to be the next leader of Nigeria is that he has a burning desire to serve.

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He stated;

MHD has a burning desire to work with colleagues and public servants all over the country in addressing the obstacles and challenges they face, and take advantage of the immense opportunities available to be innovative, serve the nation and make Nigeria achieve its preeminent position as a superpower not just in possibilities, but in reality.

MHD believes that the public servant is critical to Nigeria’s transformation and that they can outperform expectations just by having someone who can stand up for them as shining stars.

Hayatu-Deen in the publication further stated;

MHD understands the commitment required to wake up every morning and work in an environment that doesn’t offer the proper infrastructure and support for growth. He knows first by observing his father do so, serving and contributing to an environment different fromhis, and then working in such an environment.

Furthermore, MHD understands that these distinguished men and women of the public service do so for the love of family and country.Therefore, it is dishonourable to ignore the contributions of these great men and women who retire with no guarantee of a sustainable pension, for they remain our most undervalued assets.

Giving another reason for joining the presidential race, MHD revealed that he desires to build a strong public service.

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He stated;

Today, our public service is threatened. Everyone is watching our government suspiciously, and nothing can be built in an environment dominated by a deficit of trust.

That’s where MHD sees an opportunity. People are eager for a government they can believe in. People are thirsty for quality leadership that delivers on the assignment to provide public goods without discrimination. MHD sees how his children’s eyes light up in disbelief when he shares stories of how easy it was to get a job after graduation.

Hayatu-Deen further noted;

MHD’s activist nature motivated him to walk into the New Nigeria Development Company in Kaduna and demand an appointment. His resilience paid off when he was offered a job at the holding company’s agricultural subsidiary in Kano, where he started his career.   The questionable response from his children ‘in this Nigeria?’. Yes, in this Nigeria, it is possible again.

Finally, MHD says he wants to contribute to the development of the nation, adding that he is ready to lead because he has managed people and built systems that became profitable enterprises.

He added;

He has been a great change agent both as GMD in NNDC and as Chairman/ Chief Executive Officer of FSB International Bank Plc. Today, Nigeria lacks institutions and leadership that can drive change with measurable, sustainable results. 

In hindsight, it is flattering that he became a CEO at 30 years old, working for the NewNigeria Development Company (NNDC). This feat is unlikely today not because of the dearth of talents but due to the erosion of our economic gains through sustained misgovernment.

He believes that Nigeria is positioned for an enviable transformation with exemplary leadership driven by people with credibility, imagination, and skills.

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