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International Day Of Happiness: How I Stay Happy Against All Odds


International Day Of Happiness: How To Stay Happy Against All Odds

I’ve always been a very ambitious person, and God gifted me with many talents, so at every point in time aside school I’ve always had something on the side doing. In fact even in boarding house back in secondary school self I sold lip glosses because ‘hussler lomo lati le’, lol.

While I didn’t come from a rich background, I’ve never really lacked anything. However I’ve always wanted more, still do. And I vowed to do it without cutting corners. Of course it has been hard, and seeing people who cut corners, or I perceived as not working as hard as I did always got to me. Even worse putting so much effort and throwing my self into things and not getting the results I wanted got me depressed. It seemed like everything I tried to do started well but always got thwarted along the line. In fact it became a pattern. And then there was my Daddy issues too, but story for another day.

And even when I made great progress, by world standards I was never truly happy or it was short lived because I always wanted more and downplayed the achievement through comparison. I just still always felt something was missing.

But then something amazing happened that turned my life around, and it had a ripple effect on everything else including my state of mind, peace and happiness. I overcame depression, Daddy issues and stopped feeling like I needed anyone. In the process I also learnt about Stoicism and other great life principles that are helping me.

So you know what fixed it for me and healed my internal wounds? God. Somehow along the line I rededicated my life to him and asked for help, daily, continuously to be the best I can be, and have PEACE. And he answered, and has been my anchor, my wall. Of course I’ve not ‘blown’ neither am I anywhere close to where I want to be because I have super dupa big dreams, some I had even brushed aside because the devil kept telling me it was impossible. He still tries whisper fallacy but now I know better.

So if you’re feeling stuck, in a funk, tired, jaded and just generally unhappy here are things you can do:

1) Take your pain to God, and ask him for help. No matter how filthy the devil tells you are, and that he won’t listen know that it’s a lie from the pit of hell.

2) Stop comparing your life to anyone. Your path is different, no matter how far you think your ‘mates’ are, you will meet up, maybe even surpass them. Trust God’s timing for your life, your time will come.

3) Get rid of toxic things and people. Things like social media can be toxic when it keeps making you feel bad about your self. If you have to take out some apps for sometime, or spend less time there please do.

4) Understand that you have NO CONTROL over what life throws at you. What you can control is how you deal with it.

5) Take stock, and be thankful. The problem is most times we forget how far we’ve come because of how far we think we still have to go. Being thankful and knowing that life and good health is the biggest indicator of hope can make you a happier person.

6) Pray CONSISTENTLY for peace and anchor your life on God alone. Ask him to fill the vacuums in your heart and life. If you can do all these, and be consistent especially in prayer, I guarantee you 2million percent that you will be happy. Even when things unnerve you, you will recover quickly.

Finally know that happiness is never the absence of problems or having it all. It is you consciously saying that against all odds, you will be happy and at peace while looking forward to better, brighter days ahead. This is how I chose happiness daily. You can do same too!

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