Bobrisky’s Naira Shenanigans Land Him in Hot Water


Bobrisky Set To Undergo Gender Transition Surgery

Brace yourselves, people! The drama just got realer than a wig snatched in a Lagos traffic jam. Our favorite “Mummy of Lagos,” Idris Okuneye, better known as Bobrisky, found himself face-to-face with the EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) recently, and let’s just say the tea got scalding hot.

Seems Bobrisky’s flamboyant ways caught the wrong kind of attention. Apparently, spraying money like confetti at a movie premiere wasn’t the most legal move. Turns out, the Nigerian Naira ain’t meant for a high-fashion sprinkler show!

Now, Bobrisky, bless his sequined heart, claimed ignorance. “Didn’t know it was wrong, Your Lordship!” he pleaded in court, like a reality star caught forgetting their lines. But the judge, wise as a fashion critic spotting a last-season look, wasn’t buying it. “Ignorance ain’t an excuse, honey,” he basically said.

So, there you have it. Bobrisky’s found himself guilty of naira-cide (don’t worry, we made that term up). Now the question is, will this be a one-man show, or will more naira-flingers face the music?

Another question remains: will this be a wake-up call for other naira-flinging party animals? Or will Bobrisky’s case be remembered as the time a flamboyant influencer got schooled by the law (and possibly fined into next Tuesday)? Only time, and maybe a few dramatic Instagram stories, will tell!

The jury’s still out, but one thing’s for sure: spraying money might not be the most fabulous way to flaunt your fortune anymore. Remember, darlings, even divas gotta follow the law!

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