ENENCHE: Dunamis Church Erupts in Debate Over “BSc in Law”


Dunamis Enenche

A recent sermon at Dunamis International Gospel Centre in Abuja took a turn wilder than a holy roller derby when Pastor Paul Enenche publicly questioned the academic credentials of a church member. Sister Veronica Anyim, brimming with post-graduation fervor, declared she’d snagged a “BSc in Law” from the prestigious National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN).

Pastor Enenche, apparently no stranger to a good courtroom drama himself, slammed the brakes on her testimony faster than you can say “Objection!” He politely (or maybe not so politely) pointed out that while Sister Anyim’s faith might be strong, her grasp of legalese seemed a tad wobbly. “Sister,” boomed the pastor, “there’s no such thing as a BSc in Law. Perhaps you’ve enrolled in a heavenly course – a ‘Bachelor of Sainthood in Counsels from the Almighty?'”

Some parishioners erupted in holy laughter, picturing angels in powdered wigs debating the merits of divine intervention. Others, clutching their metaphorical pearls, whispered about the dangers of spreading misinformation (even if it was about heavenly degrees).

Sister Anyim, caught in the crossfire of celestial jurisprudence, stammered a confused defense. Did NOUN offer a special “Law-Light” program for the spiritually inclined? Was there a heavenly add-on pack that transformed a regular degree into a divinely endorsed one?

Pastor Enenche, ever the diplomat (or maybe just trying to avoid a celestial lawsuit), later clarified that he meant no disrespect. He simply wanted to ensure factual accuracy, even in matters of testimony.

So, will Sister Anyim get her heavenly law degree or is she destined for the eternal paralegal program? Only time (and perhaps a divine intervention) will tell. But one thing’s for sure: this church service will forever be remembered as the day a “BSc in Law” almost broke the internet.

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