MDB Music: Understanding The Playlist (Pilot Episode)

MDB Music: Understanding The Playlist (Pilot Episode)
MDB Music: Understanding The Playlist (Pilot Episode)

The MDB Music playlist has been established to discuss the top trending songs in the Nigerian music industry.

It would be a weekly publication aimed that unravelling various music genres aside from the mainstream Afrobeat sound that has become a mainstay on international radio.

The MDB Music playlist would evaluate genres such as Rap & Hip Hop, Alte, Nigerian R&B, and other burgeoning music genres.

It is quintessential for our readers to be educated about the various genres that the nation has been consecrated with. There is a requirement for diversification, therefore, readers need to understand that there are artistes who equally deserve exposure on major platforms.

On this list, we would be unveiling artistes who are currently making headlines with their hits and burgeoning artistes who are gradually trying to make a name for themselves.

The list is for fresh music and lyrics that would enthrall you and leave you appreciating the creative work of Nigerian musicians.

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Additionally, there would be a brief discussion about a singer’s new music project (including EPs, Mixtapes, and albums).


After an impressive 2022, Nigerians are awaiting the debut studio of multi-talented singer-songwriter, Tems. After garnering momentum in the international scene, Tems would have to compose songs that appeal to the Nigerian audience, on the MDB Music playlist, the writer would be analyzing her songs as they debut.

In 2023, Nigerians would hope Davido, one of Nigeria’s leading musicians releases a new song after a heinous event that happened in his personal life during the concluding part of 2022.

Davido Gifts Fan N2M Pair Of Sneakers (Video)

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Prepare to read about several artistes from across the music industry. This is the MDB Music playlist, we would discussing ten of the best songs from the Nigerian music factory.

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