Portable: The Curious Case Of Dr Zeh




Nigerians are still unable to decipher the characteristics that keeps controversial musician, Portable afloat in the unforgiving entertainment industry.

While several music lovers predicted Portable to fizzle before mid-2022, the 28-year-old singer-songwriter and sometimes, social media content creator has remained a mainstay in the faces of Nigerians. Every single day, the singer whose real name is Habeeb Okikiola thrives on the mantra, ‘no publicity is bad publicity‘; he make headlines all the time.

Within the space of a year, Portable has performed across several countries in the world and has continued to put smile across the faces of people. As a creative individual, Portable has the propensity to act independently regardless of what pundit’s think about him, other times, his own words work against him.

While Portable has continued to release impressive songs since his debut in 2021, he has continued to delve from fry pan to fire. He would make condescending statement about his colleagues and contemporaries.

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In December 2021 when Portable who is otherwise known as Dr Zeh emerged with the smash hit, ‘Zazzuu‘ featuring Yahoo Boy No Laptop (YBNL) boss, Olamide and choreographer, Poco Lee everyone expected the maverick artiste to fade off.

Nope, Portable didn’t go anywhere. Instead, he began to make headlines for several controversial reasons.

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Has Portable Stood The Test Of Time?

Simply put, no, Portable hasn’t made history or carved out one of the most exhilarating music careers.

However, Portable has remained stoic towards criticism from pundits, especially those who perceive themselves to be of the upper echelon. Some naysayers condemn him because of his physical appearance and lifestyle and while he exudes characteristics of a juvenile delinquent, time and again, Dr Zeh has gotten into the face of his critics.

The singer is raw, unrefined and unapologetic about his own excessiveness, something he has more-often-than-not been a victim of.

Addressing Nigerian graduates in 2022, the controversial musician mocked those who cannot make as much money as himself.

Sharing the video of him counting the money, Portable sent a message to those saying he did not go to school.

After the performance, You no see money, your papa get money?

I go buy your papa house, you say I no go school, see money.

If you get money enjoy yourself, na God run am.”

Watch the video below.

Portable was undeniably one of the most interesting characters of 2022 in the entertainment industry.

He is a young man that you would like to hate, however, in the end you have to turn a blind eye to some of his discrepancies.

Who Listens To Dr Zeh Though?

In 2022, Portable toured the international scene. Against all odds, he broke down barriers and took himself to new levels against all odds.

Who is man to decide the success of another man?

Some gatekeepers have taken it upon themselves to berate the skillset of this young man, however, time and again, he done something that has left his naysayers open-mouthed.

This controversial singer is something else. You can hate him or love him, but you can’t deny the fact that he is having a great time in the music industry.

Watch this interesting performance from Portable. He was singing ‘reality things’ with the jam.


In 2023, it would be pivotal to see what the creative genius has to offer. Sometimes, his lyrics are thought-provoking, other times, it is apparent that the singer’s skillset still needs to be honed. In the end, there is always room for improvement.

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