Big Brother Titans: Lukay Demeans Nigerian Contestant, Olivia, Criticizes Hygiene Habit



Olivia x Lukay x Ipeleng

The Big Brother Titans, a Big Brother franchise is entering it’s second week after an entertaining couple of days.

Nigerian contestant, Olivia has been alleged to have an offensive odour.

This was made known by Lukay, a South African contestant during a conversation with another housemate, Ipeleng.

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According to Lukay, though he finds Olivia attractive, the offensive odour coming from her armpit takes him aback.


The South African added that he will inform Olivia in two or three weeks.

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The conversation goes thus, “Olivia, I like her, Ipeleng stated.

Responding, Lukay made the shocking revelation, “I like her too but her armpit smells.

Perceiving a demeaning remark, Ipeleng told Lukay to desist from shaming her, however, Lukay maintained that he would have to tell her sooner or later.

Nah, stop it, Ipeleng said.

I’m going to tell her because we are cool like that. A good friend will tell you,” Lukay added.

It would be recalled that Big Brother Titan kicked off on Sunday, January 15.

Twenty housemates commenced the competition before four more housemates were introduced on Thursday.

There are now 24 housemates battling for the $100,000 grand prize.

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