Ondo’s Cinderella: From First Lady’s Fairytale to Broken Dreams (with Slightly Exorbitant Hair Extensions)



Remember that story about the hardworking soul who toiled away for a princess, only to be left with nothing but memories (and possibly a talking mouse)? Buckle up, Ondo, because we have a real-life remake!

Meet Folasade Adu, the former makeup artist and hairstylist for our very own ex-First Lady, Mrs. Betty Akeredolu. For seven long years, Folasade served loyally, ensuring Mrs. Akeredolu’s mane was always on point and her face perpetually camera-ready. All for the princely sum of N50,000 a month, with a generous (and mandatory) 10% “give back to the crown” (also known as BRECAN, a very worthy cause, we must add).

But alas, fairytales often have a cruel twist. After seven years and countless retouches, Folasade was left with nary a carriage, nor even a slightly-used crown. Apparently, being “out of office” means being out of favors too. Now, with a broken dream and a car sold for spare change, Folasade pleads for a happily ever after – Ondo style.

So, the moral of the story? Maybe ditch the glass slippers and invest in a good business plan. And perhaps for Mrs. Akeredolu, a reminder that charity truly does begin at home (especially for those who gave you seven years of flawless foundation application).

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