Kumuyi: We Want Nigeria To Rise Again As Giant Of Africa



Pastor Williams Kumuyi, the general superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry, stated that as Nigeria marks its 62nd year of independence, the people of the nation want to see their nation rise once more to assume its role as the leader of Africa.

The statement was made by Kumuyi while addressing journalists after his arrival at the Ibadan Airport for his program, “Global Youth Convention, Impact,” which was planned to run from Friday to Monday, according to a video on the Facebook page observed on Saturday.

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The young people were also urged by the preacher to get involved in politics and cast ballots for the candidates of their choice in the elections of 2023.

Kumuyi said;

It is the right of every citizens as well as the responsibility of everyone to participate in politics. We desire a better country we want Nigeria to rise up again as the giant of Africa to take its rightful place.

We expect our youths to want to see a Nigeria of thier own dream not by violence but by knowing their rights and responsibilities and to vote for the candidate of their choice, I will not dictate to anyone, they know the best, we all know what we are looking for and the Lord will guide them and make their votes count.

He said the convention themed, “Transformed to lead” would be watched in over 150 nations, saying participants who are mainly youths would be taught by high-calibre resource persons.

He said further that

We are not here for entertainment, what we want to do is to really impact the lives of everyone that will come from Nigeria and the Diaspora. The youths are gathering together not only in Nigeria but beyond and we want to go through a series to encourage, to lead us, to impact, to inject the young people so that their lives would be transformed by the Lord and their own decisions too as we prepare the leaders of tomorrow for the future.

We are believing that as the young people come, they come with their hearts and their minds and their vision and the desire to excel. We believe that great things are going to happen in their lives and we are not talking to them like we’ve come to preach to them or come like clergymen. We have come just like they are. We are still young at heart and we have quite a lot of things we want to infer to the younger generation before we hand over to them.

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