BBNaija Level Up: The Story So Far…




The BBNaija Level Up competition will be coming to a conclusion on Sunday, October 2.

This season has remained one of the most polarizing competition in the history of the reality show. From Sheggz‘s and Bella‘s toxic relationship to Daniella‘s “monkey branching” from Khalid to Dotun. Several viewers and fans of the reality show argue that this season has been boring, albeit, that is false because this season has remained one of the most exhilarating.

Each week has not been short of drama and conundrum, as a matter of fact, from the opening week, there was everything to keep the viewers at the edge of their seats.

On Sunday, six housemates will be looking to win the grand prize worth N100 million.

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The six housemates currently battling for the grand prize include- Bella, Phyna, Chi Chi, Daniella, Bryann and Adekunle.

In this article, we would be analyzing how the six finalists have performed so far in the competition.

Before delving into the list, it would be recalled that the riders, Rachael and Chizzy were, the two Big Brother Naija riders were eliminated from the competition on Friday night. Chizzy had great time in the house, winning the Innoson vehicle on Thursday night, meanwhile, his colleague, Rachael was involved in a bout with Phyna and Bryann, a day later.

Indeed, life is whatever the individual chooses to make of it.

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The BBNaija Finalists



The list kicks off with Chichi, she was the first housemate to officially qualify for the final of the BBNaija Level Up competition. Her success as the Head of House challenge in week 9 earned her automatic ticket into the final.

As a matter of fact, her success last Monday meant she had the power to nominate two other housemates who will accompany her in the season’s grand finale. She chose Phyna, a strong contender and Daniella, one of the season’s luckiest housemate.

While Chichi was not initially perceived as a strong contender, she has certainly earned her spot in the grand finale.



This housemate lived a charmed life.

From her relationship with Khalid to her romance with Dotun, then her endearing personality that somehow made other housemates ignore ever nominating her for possible eviction.

If you are wondering how she got here, it is because she understood the art of warming herself into the hearts of her fellow housemates and remaining a heartwarming figure in the eyes of the viewers.

It is important to note that Daniella never got nominated for possible eviction throughout the competition. Aside from general nominations announced by Biggie and she survived on both occasions.

Daniella never emerged as the winner of the Head of House challenge, but, she will be standing tall on the final day.

How did she do it?

This writer has no idea.



While Bella spent so much time with Sheggz, viewers were unable to understand the model’s perception or expression as an individual.

Although she has a strong fanbase as she has been able to survive numerous evictions, it would be shocking to see Bella emerge victorious. She already lost the opportunity to prove herself as a winner due to the controversy hovering around her and her now eliminated partner, Sheggz.

We would keep our fingers crossed to see what Sunday has to offer.

Some Of The Viewer’s Favourites

The list reads further below;



When Adekunle came into the house, he was one of the most likeable housemates. He was good-looking, classy and had a charming personality, however, he got lost somewhere along the line.

After he filed to win the hearts of his love interests, Bella and Allsyn, Adekunle became withdrawn and suffered a little setback. This is understandable, as we are humans, rejection would often affect the self-esteem of any person. However, Adekunle was able to pick himself up and reignite the fire.

He became a Head of House winner at one point in the show before going on to survive eviction scare.

Indeed, he is here for a good time.



Easily one of the most popular housemates from this season.

Some have tipped Phyna to go ahead and win the competition.

Oh well, we would have to wait until the final minute.



Often dubbed the ‘baby of the house’, Bryann is actually the most talented housemate in the competition.

Renowned socialite, Obi Cubanna endorsed budding Nigerian recording artiste, Bryann on his Instagram platform earlier in the week. This singular act got social media users talking.

Nigerian music executive and record producer, Don Jazzy has published a post about Bryann, endorsing him a couple of times on his various social media platforms. It is safe to say Bryann has enough star power supporting him.

A former resident of Level 2 (Trenches), Bryann had a great time in the house, no doubt about that. He will certainly be among the top three contestants on Sunday.

Concluding Comments…

In every competition, there will always be winners and others (nobody remembers who didn’t finish at the summit of the contest). While all the contestants played their roles according to the bandwidth of their capabilities, only one person will be going home with the grand prize worth N100 million.

The prediction below is based on the grit, popularity and strength of the housemate’s fanbase.

1. Phyna– Winner

2. Bryann– First runner-up

3. Adekunle– Second runner-up

4. Bella- Third runner-up

5. Chichi– Third place finish

6. Daniella– Third place finish

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