Anita Joseph Bemoans Struggles Of ‘Celebrity Marriages’




Nigerian actress, Anita Joseph has spoken about the struggles that comes with getting married to a fellow celebrity.

In a recent interview with The Sun Newspaper, Anita Joseph who is married to comedian MC Fish whose real name is Fisayo Michael stated that ‘celebrity marriage’ is primarily about proving to naysayers that their union can work.

Anita Joseph who walked the aisle with MC Fish in February 2020 has maintained that she is prepared to spend the rest of her life with the comedian; regardless of what social media trolls have to say about their marriage.

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Anita said her marriage will not crash because she knew what she wanted before going into marriage and everything her mother had taught her is still embedded in her.

She had this to say;

Whenever, a colleague’s marriage crash, these online trolls will come to face me.

One told me recently that it is remaining me.

However, I feel pity for the people dragging me because they are giving me more reasons to post more romantic moments with my husband on social media.

They won’t ever stop me from posting my happy moments, never.

Celebrity marriage is not easy, we face a lot of pressure out there but you must be stubborn and insist that yours works.

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She spoke further;

Again, I knew what I wanted before going into marriage and what my mother taught me about marriage is still embedded in me.

She taught me to always shut up when my husband is talking and not to talk back; especially in arguments.

In the latter part of the interview, Anita Joseph spoke about respect, discipline and leadership in the family.

She mentioned that there can’t be “two captains” in a ship. Also, she stated that she respects and understands her husband, MC Fish as the leader of the home.

She continued;

Two captains can’t be in one ship. Not like you can’t say your piece but there’s a time to pause and let him talk. These things are not easy but for two to work you must agree.

Speaking on the speculations that she is older than her husband, Anita said people assume a lot because of her voluptuous body but they do not care about naysayers.

She said:

When people try to mock me by saying I married a younger lover, I just laugh.

It is very hilarious.

You know people assume a lot, because I’m plump and he’s slim that’s why they feel that way, but it’s cool, we don’t care.

Now is the age that is their problem while some of them don’t even have a working relationship.

Some can’t keep a man for 2 months.

They can continue talking, while we enjoy our marriage.

His grace has kept us no regrets at all.

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