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On Learning Through Pain…


On Learning Through Pain...

I wrote the above about learning through pain on Twitter this morning, and was inspired to expatiate more on what I meant. I mean, there’s so much a person can say with just 280 characters!

What I tried to concisely express is that the obstacle is always the way; A way to strength and development. If we look deeply at our issues, and cultivate the habit of detachment from emotions and analysing situations objectively, we will be able grasp a clearer picture from a somewhat arial view.

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What this helps us do is see things clearly. It helps us to understand that there is a lesson (or more) to learn in every situation, one that if are too carried away by our emotions, we are likely to miss.

It’s not easy, I know. Because most times when life challenges us we are so shaken that we completely forget to look at the alternate perspective. Alternate perspective being the good side of the situation i.e what we could learn from the experience.

Contrary to what our mind makes us think, no situation, no matter how dire is bad altogether. We just have to develop the mental strength to think and sieve through all the negative our mind tells us to focus on and look at things rationally through careful, constructive thinking.

“Sometimes, even scars are beautiful.”

The ability to learn and know that every bad situation (even life threatening) could teach us something is one of the greatest coping mechanisms of champions. See the situation as one that won’t take you down, but one you will get through and learn from. You might end up with scars, but sometimes even scars are beautiful. They are evidence of the champion that you are, and a reminder of how far you’ve come when you finally win.

So in every painful situation, always think about what lesson there is to learn. And when your pain beclouds your judgement, ask God what he wants you to learn from that trying situation.

Make this a habit and you will see negative patterns change in your life.

  1. olayinka says

    just like fine wine your write ups are soul lifting ,

    in case you don’t know i have been a fan of yours for over 8 years if not more.

    keep up the good work

    regards .

    El jefe

    1. Mojisola Delano says

      Thank you so much El.
      Means so much to me.
      God bless you.

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