Man Allegedly Impregnates His Daughter In Nassarawa state

A man identified as  Viashima Titus Ukegi, an indigene of Awe Local Government Area of Nasarawa State has done the abominable as he impregnated his daughter after having many rounds of sexual bout with the the teenage girl.
It was reported that the man’s wife, Cecilia Torkwase, died immediately after giving birth to the girl, Mary Doosur Ukegi in 2001, as a result of complications that arose from the prolonged labour that lasted one week.
Man allegedly impregnates his daughter in Nassarawa state Lailasnews 1

 As Mary matured, Ukegi began to notice the development taking place in young girl’s body and began to desire her carnally. One night, he made the move to have carnal knowledge of the daughter, an act that was repeated after the first time.

 According to Sunday Sun that spoke with the daughter. While wiping away tears, she told the sordid story of how the father impregnated her:
“Before this thing happened, if anybody had said to me that a father and daughter could engage in this type of relationship I would have said that person must be sick. Now the result of what happened has filled me with shame and destroyed my life.
“Ever since I have been living with father from childhood, I have never seen him with a woman friend and he did not make any effort to remarry after my mother died. He always had a good harvest and made money, but he never sent me to school. But he gave me good care and insisted that I should not have any problem; he used to tell me how good my late mother was to him.
“We were very close like a normal father and daughter, and I thought he was taking care of me as a father but somehow he became attracted to me. Then, one evening, after taking my bath, I tied my towel around my armpit, to cover my breast and my waist. As I walked through the palour to my room, he looked at me in a particular way and called me to come close. He said he noticed a mark on my neck. When I went close, he touched my breast and said something funny. He used to say funny things to me.
“All through that day, which was a Sunday, he was indoors. Later that night when I was about to sleep, he came to my room with biscuits and a bottle of coke and insisted that we take it together. As we were drinking the coke, he began to touch me all over my body as we were sitting together on the bed.
“It was very confusing and I tried to suppress my feelings. He told me how he felt about me and I was shaking. Somehow, I knew that what was about to happen was wrong. He said he was in love with me but didn’t know how to disclose it to me. He said that he was delighted that we were together.
“Then he kissed me for the first time while running his hand over my body. Suddenly he pulled off his trouser and attempted to enter me, because I was still a virgin. It was strange and the pain was very much. He took my Vaseline and rubbed on my private part and tried again. He pressed hard and then deflowered me. The pain was so much that I did not come out for about three days. He consoled me and gradually the pain went away.
“From then on we kept meeting regularly and each time he wanted to have sex with me, I would tell that we were committing sin. Despite knowing that loving my father in this way was completely wrong, the sex was very passionate.
“After I had intercourse with my father, I knew I was totally in love with him. It was amazing. We both knew it was wrong but we thought we could keep it a secret. My dad made me feel important, he told me how clever, funny and pretty I was, he worshipped me and it was the best relationship I had ever had.
“If he went somewhere I would become so excited to see him. We were just like any other couple, apart from the fact he was my father. Eventually I missed my period and before I knew it, I was three months pregnant. Before people in the village could notice what happened, he took me to his friend in Kadarko and warned me not to abort it. He enrolled me to learn tailoring. In fact, he wanted me to deliver the baby and he kept checking on me regularly in Kadarko where I was learning tailoring before the invasion of the area by herdsmen and we decided to relocate to Daudu, Guma LGA for our safety.”
Mary believes since she had no choice than to keep the pregnancy, she would have to move on with her life. She is currently in her 5th month.

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