Here Are The Funniest Nigerian Tweets Of 2016


2016 has been a really hellish year for Nigeria in particular, with tales of recession and the Donald-Trump deportation scare.

But Twitter Nigeria has always found a way to make light of this hard times and make Nigerians laugh while at it. Twitter accounts like TrailerJam, Ibe, Hoestory, Sub Delivery man and a host of others are delightful Timeliness to read when you really want to laugh.

These are some of the funniest tweets of 2016 that i stringed together, guaranteed to make you laugh.

Feel free to had yours in the comment section……

1.That time Gala sellers had had enough!

2. Lie that this isn’t you when bouncers start their wahala!

3. Once you’ve arrived, you have to let them know!

4. China phones that you can use to do speakers for a party!

5. This is actually the most famous Nigerian address

6. Lol, our brethren after Uncle Donald won

7. Na wa oh! People have guts

8. Even Wale started fearing small

9. Nigerians are the best!

10. I’m with this guy!

11. Who won’t run?

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  1. Mannyxander says

    Hahahaha… this really cracked me up

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