Toke Makinwa Reflects on Skin Bleaching in Candid Twitter Response


Toke Makinwa

Popular Nigerian OAP and social media personality Toke Makinwa sparked conversation on Saturday with a tweet introspection on past choices. In response to a follower’s question about potential regrets, Makinwa delivered a candid message that resonated with many.

“Nothing,” Makinwa declared initially, emphasizing a philosophy of moving forward. She playfully added, “Regret is so exhausting!!!!” However, the tweet took a more personal turn as Makinwa confessed, “Wait, maybe bleaching my skin, it was the dumbest thing ever.”

Makinwa’s openness about skin bleaching, a controversial practice in Nigeria and other African countries, has drawn both praise and criticism. Some users lauded her honesty, while others expressed concern about potentially perpetuating negative stereotypes about dark skin.

The tweet also highlights Makinwa’s acknowledgment of privilege. She concludes by stating her gratitude for “good genes and money,” suggesting access to resources played a role in overcoming the effects of skin bleaching.

Makinwa’s tweet has ignited a social media conversation on colorism and self-acceptance. It raises important questions about societal beauty standards and the pressure to conform. Whether intended or not, Makinwa’s message has sparked a dialogue that could empower others to embrace their natural beauty.

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