Nigerian Breweries Announces Job Cuts as Part of Cost-Saving Measures


Nigerian Breweries

Nigerian Breweries says some employees will be affected by the company’s cost savings measures adopted to improve its finances.

Cost savings measures were adopted by Nigerian Breweries following the N106 billion net loss reported in 2023.

During a media briefing in Lagos on April 17, the company said the workforce will be resized after suspending operations at two of the company’s breweries in Imo and Kaduna states.

Sade Morgan, Nigerian Breweries’ corporate affairs director, said the number of affected staff has not been ascertained.

“This is not a number that we have at this moment, but what we do have is the commitment to keep the number as minimal as possible,” Morgan said.

“How are we going to do that, it’s by exhausting all possibilities of relocating, redistributing our people to our other seven operating breweries.

“And for the affected people, we will ensure that we give them full support and good severance packages, which now are still a subject of discussion with the unions.”

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