DJ Switch Denounces False Arrest Allegations, Threatens Legal Action Against Misleading Blogs


DJ Switch

Renowned activist and disc jockey, DJ Switch, took to Twitter on Wednesday to vehemently deny allegations of assault on the police and to condemn the spread of false information by certain media outlets.

In her tweet, DJ Switch expressed her surprise at waking up to a flurry of calls and messages, only to discover that she had allegedly been arrested. Dismissing the claims as baseless, she clarified her stance on violence, affirming that while she may criticize law enforcement, she does not endorse or engage in violence against them.

The activist further criticized certain blogs for their reckless reporting, attributing their actions to an insatiable appetite for web traffic. She emphasized the dangerous implications of spreading false information, asserting that such practices distort public perceptions and shape negative narratives.

Addressing the misconceptions about her intentions and motivations, DJ Switch refuted the notion that she seeks to undermine Nigeria or that she has sacrificed her career for any ulterior motives.

In a bold move, DJ Switch announced that her legal team is taking action against the blogs responsible for disseminating false information. She demanded that the offending posts be taken down immediately and replaced with corrections. Despite the option to pursue legal action, she emphasized her preference for resolving the matter amicably and urged the implicated blogs to act responsibly.

The tweet reads, “One of the links that was sent to me alleged that I had assaulted the police. Now, while I am not a fan of many of our police men and women, I do not condone nor do I support violence against the police.

“Our blogs have such an unhealthy appetite for traffic that they can’t even spend the transport fare it would cost them to go investigate and make certain of the news they share to the public. These false reporting is dangerous and negatively shapes narratives.

“Many people want so badly to believe I am just like those I’ve fought against or believing that I have sacrificed all I have ever worked for just to bring down Nigeria. This is false.

“That being said, my lawyers have screenshotted every blog they can find this false news and this is defamation of my character. These blogs have till end of day to take down this false news and kindly replace with a post correcting their mistake. I am not looking for cheap publicity, I hate clout chasing and I actually am not an ass because I was advised to sue immediately which would cost them all a lot. So please do the needful and let us learn.”

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