Kwankwaso: NNPP, Offering Alternative to Faltering PDP, APC



The 2023 presidential candidate and national leader of the New Nigeria People’s Party, Senator Rabi’u Kwakwanso, has described the party as an alternative to the “failed Peoples Democratic Party and failing All Progressives Congress.”

Kwankwaso, an ex-defence Minister, emphasised that Nigeria possesses sufficient resources and manpower to address insecurity.

He guaranteed that the NNPP would introduce a revitalising change for citizens and the nation as a whole.

The ex-governor of Kano State stated this during the party’s national convention, which took place at the A-Class Event Centre in Maitama, Abuja, on Saturday.

The gathering, attended by NEC members, state chairpersons, and federal and state lawmakers, confirmed the appointment of Ajuji Ahmed as the acting national chairman of the party. Additionally, it approved the party’s constitution, slogan, and logo.

He likened the ruling APC and the PDP to birds of a feather, suggesting that both parties have inflicted immense suffering on Nigerians with their unpopular and inhumane policies.

Regarding the parties’ status, he asserted that while the PDP has already failed, the APC is currently faltering.

In contrast, he emphasised the NNPP’s rapid growth as a party in Nigeria, highlighting its understanding of the significance of education in alleviating poverty and ensuring the security of lives and property.

He said, “We are all aware that the PDP has completely failed. Many of us decided in 2014, and 2015 to bring in some positive changes. Unfortunately, we have seen what happened from 2015 to date. This is the same APC government.

“Therefore, as far as we are concerned, we have a failing party that is the APC and we believe that this country requires an alternative to the APC and of course, the PDP and the only party, in my opinion, and based on facts, because the NNPP today is the fastest growing party in this country.

“I also believe even beyond this country, that is the only hope as we stand today. In many parts of this country, especially in northern Nigeria, particularly in my part of the north, so many people have been chased out of their homes, and so many have been killed. Some are in the bushes now in the forest under the care of bandits and other criminals. And it looks like many people don’t care.”

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