Wizkid Declares Himself “Not Of This World,” Rejects Afrobeats Label



In a move that left fans scratching their heads and dancers wondering what beat to drop, global superstar Wizkid has declared himself an entirely new genre: Not Afrobeats.

The drama unfolded on the late-night stage of Wizkid’s Instagram stories, where, between cryptic emojis and thirst traps, he dropped the bombshell announcement. Apparently, Afrobeats just doesn’t do it for Wizkid anymore. We can only assume he’s graduated to the soundtrack of intergalactic travel or the hottest jams on Neptune.

Here’s a glimpse of the exchange that has the internet buzzing:

Wizkid: “New album ‘Morayo’ – best I ever made. I am not an Afrobeats artiste. Don’t call me that.”

Fans: (Confused emoji rain)

Wizkid (later): “If you like Afrobeats please don’t download my album, I’m not Afro anything.”

The internet: (Collective meltdown commences)

Davido (probably): (Sipping tea and smirking)

Burna Boy (definitely): (Types furiously, deletes, types again…)

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One can only speculate what’s next for Wizkid. Will he be dropping Afrobeats-diss tracks on his new album? Will he be collaborating with aliens on his next single, “Beam Me Up, Starboy”? Will he invent a new dance move that requires zero rhythm?

One thing’s for sure: the world is waiting with popcorn in hand to see how this Afrobeats-exit drama unfolds. Stay tuned, folks, this story’s far from over.

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