Wizkid Hints at Spiritual Ambitions in Cryptic Tweet: “I Could Start a Church if I Wanted”



Nigerian superstar Wizkid sent his fans into a frenzy on Thursday with a thought-provoking tweet suggesting he might have his sights set on a new venture: religious leadership.

The simple statement, “I could start a church if I wanted,” sparked a wave of online discussion, leaving many to wonder if Wizkid, known for his global Afrobeats hits like “Essence” and “Come Closer,” was genuinely considering a foray into ministry.

Adding to the intrigue, Wizkid followed up his initial tweet with a series of seemingly religious messages, including “Jesus is King” and “After God na God. No go whine” (interpreted by some as a Nigerian Pidgin English proverb about trusting in God).

Wizkid’s immense popularity, particularly in his home country of Nigeria, has many wondering if he could actually pull off establishing a church. With his legions of devoted fans, some have already begun jokingly calling him “Daddy G.O Balogun” (referencing a common title for church leaders in Nigeria).

Whether Wizkid is truly considering a foray into religious leadership or simply having some social media fun, his comments have sparked a lively discussion among his fans and the wider Nigerian community. It remains to be seen if this is the beginning of a new venture for the music icon.


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