Niqabbed and Out: Baby Denied Entry at UCH in Ibadan’s Latest Headscarf Furore! (VIDEO)



Drama unfolded outside the hallowed halls of University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan, as a mother’s fierce defense of her Niqab clashed head-on with hospital policy, leaving a sick baby caught in the crossfire. According to a viral video on X, the scene resembled a Nollywood flick gone wrong, complete with wailing sirens, flapping fabric, and enough side-eye to power a small village.

The Plot Thickens: Our protagonist, Mama Rashidat, arrived with her feverish infant, seeking medical attention. However, the plot took a sharp turn when a nurse, citing “health rotocols,” requested Mama Rashidat remove her Niqab. Mama Rashidat, a woman of steely resolve and possibly several hidden ninja stars, dug in her heels faster than a Lagos driver in rush hour.

Cue the Nurse with the Sass: Enter Nurse Agatha, a woman who could give Regina Daniels a run for her sass money. Undeterred by Mama Rashidat’s unwavering stance, Nurse Agatha launched into a monologue worthy of Shakespeare (with a generous dash of Pidgin English), explaining the importance of removing the Niqab and putting on a protective medical suit for  medical purposes. The back-and-forth that ensued could have been mistaken for a heated rap battle, with Mama Rashidat dropping verses about religious freedom and Nurse Agatha countering with rhymes about hospital regulations.

Baby Watch: Meanwhile, the poor kid, caught in the eye of this sartorial storm, wailed with increasing fervor, perhaps wishing they’d brought their own pacifier emblazoned with “Mama Knows Best.” One onlooker, a pepper seller with a heart of gold, offered the distraught mother a sachet of agbo jedi jedi (herbal concoction), but alas, even that ancient remedy couldn’t soothe the bureaucratic beast.

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The Grand Finale: After what felt like an eternity (or several episodes of your favorite telenovela), a compromise was reached. Mama Rashidat, with the grace of a lioness protecting her cub, eventually changed into a protective suit, allowing for a quick ID check. Baby was whisked away to the waiting arms of a pediatrician, hopefully receiving the medical attention they so desperately needed.

So, who won? Did religious freedom trump hospital policy? Did common sense take a backseat to bureaucracy? The answer, my friends, is as murky as the Lagos lagoon after a downpour. One thing’s for sure, this little drama has sparked a heated debate, leaving everyone wondering: Niqab or not, shouldn’t a sick baby’s health be the top priority?

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