K1 De Ultimate Drops the Mic… and a Truth Bomb on Tinubu! (VIDEO)



Hold onto your Agbada folks, because Fuji legend K1 De Ultimate just hit President Tinubu with a lyrical haymaker he won’t soon forget! In a performance hotter than a Lagos pepper soup, K1 didn’t shy away from dropping some serious truth bombs about the state of the nation (and let’s face it, it ain’t lookin’ all sunshine and jollof rice).

According to whispers on the wind (and a video that surfaced faster than a rumor at a Lagos market), K1 straight up told Tinubu that Nigerians are feeling the heat – the economic heat, that is. Apparently, things are so rough, even the party ain’t stopping (unless it’s to find cheaper palm oil).

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Now, K1 ain’t known for holding back, but this ain’t just another spicy Fuji verse. This is a full-on anthem for every Naija citizen who’s ever dreamt of a better life (and let’s be honest, that’s most of us). It’s a reminder that even the smoothest tunes can’t drown out the rumbles of empty stomachs and frustrated hearts.

So, what’s next? Will Tinubu bust out some political dance moves in response? Will K1 launch a campaign for economic justice with a killer Fuji beat? Stay tuned, folks, because this drama is just getting started, and one thing’s for sure – it’s gonna be more entertaining than a Nollywood slapfest!

Meanwhile, here are some hilarious posts from X on the matter:






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  1. Bomi says

    This is Probably another tactic to get Jagaban to invite him again to Aso Rock

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