Atiku Slams Tinubu for “Elevating Blame Game to Next Level,” Questions Leadership Credentials


Tinubu and Atiku APC

In a sharp escalation of political rhetoric, presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar on Tuesday launched a scathing attack on his rival, Bola Tinubu, accusing him of further entrenching the “blame game” culture within the All Progressives Congress (APC) and raising concerns about his preparedness for leadership.

This criticism stems from recent statements by Tinubu, where he reportedly attributed Nigeria’s economic woes to past administrations and “external factors.” Atiku, through his spokesman Paul Ibe, countered that blaming others has become “fashionable” within the APC-led government, and that Tinubu is “elevating the blame game to the NEXT LEVEL” with his approach.

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The NEXT LEVEL reference evokes Tinubu’s 2019 campaign slogan, injecting further layers of criticism by implying a continuation of failed policies. The statement further emphasized that “passing the buck” does not constitute leadership, raising questions about Tinubu’s ability to tackle Nigeria’s complex challenges.

Ibe further noted, “The evidence, however, is overwhelming. Tinubu’s underperformance is largely attributable to leadership failures in the management of the economy.

“The failure of leadership by the APC-led government is staring every Nigerian in the face as the country’s economic, social, political, and security challenges persist and assume frightening dimensions. An unprepared leadership such as Bola Tinubu’s failure to anticipate impending crises and is always slow to react.”

This attack marks a significant intensification of the campaign discourse, highlighting a key point of differentiation between the two leading candidates. While Tinubu focuses on continuity and building upon the incumbent government’s record, Atiku seeks to present himself as a leader offering a fresh perspective and solutions to overcome current problems.

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  1. Bomi says

    As much as I’m not a fan of Atiku, I support his opinions because I remember during Jonathan’s administration when the president decided to remove subsidy , it was Tinubu and his cohort with the help of gullible Nigerians who forced Goodluck to reverse the decision.

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