APC Accuses Opposition of Orchestrating Protests, Claims “Devious Plot”


APC Felix Morka

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has launched a scathing attack on opposition parties, accusing them of using “unsuspecting young people” to stoke unrest through orchestrated protests. This claim comes in response to demonstrations held in Minna and Kano on Monday, February 5th.

In a statement issued on Tuesday by APC spokesman Felix Morka, the party painted the protests as part of a “devious and unpatriotic plot” by their political rivals. Morka highlighted the simultaneous nature of the demonstrations in both cities as evidence of their planned nature.

“The protests in Minna and Kano on Monday were the manifestation of this devious and unpatriotic plot,” the statement declared. “That the protests happened simultaneously in both cities is not coincidental.”

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However, the statement offered no concrete evidence to support the accusation of opposition involvement. No specific parties were named, and no details were provided on how the opposition allegedly mobilized the demonstrators.

Morka further said, “This mercenary opposition tactic is a clear and present threat to public peace and national security.

“While we recognize the right of citizens to engage in peaceful protest, we urge our good people to be vigilant and not lend themselves to the treacherous attempt by the opposition to promote social strife by its incendiary rhetoric and manipulative plots.

“The President Bola Tinubu-led administration is solidly committed to doing everything in its power to mitigate the transient pains of critically important reforms that are crucial to economic recovery and sustainable prosperity for all Nigerians.

“It behoves us as good citizens of our beloved country to stand fast with our government in this noble stride. In due time, these policy reforms will yield enduring beneficial transformation of the material conditions of life in the country.

“We implore Nigerians to shun the guile and unpatriotic attempt by opposition elements to destabilize the country for their own base and parochial political gains.”

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