Dr. Ify Aniebo’s Twitter Saga: From Humble Apology to Hilarious “Eating Well” Menu Offer


Ify Aniebo Rhodes-Vivour

Forget the stock market, there’s a more volatile drama unfolding on Twitter right now: the saga of Dr. Ify Aniebo’s “teachable moment,” complete with emotional confessions, knightly metaphors, and a surprising menu twist.

It all started on a quiet Thursday morning, with Dr. Ify Aniebo taking to Twitter for some soul-searching (and, it seems, public relations damage control). In a series of tweets, she admitted to mishandling “events,” offered a heartfelt apology, and declared a commitment to learning from her mistakes. So far, so relatable, right?

For context on what transpired that led to the maudlin apology, read this link:

Anyways, back to our beautiful doctor, things (un)expectedly took a hilariously unexpected turn. Amidst the introspection, Dr. Aniebo threw in a shout-out to her “oko mi,” @GRVlagos (Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour) praising his kindness, patience, and love. She even bestowed upon him the noble title of “knight in shining armor,” swooning like a damsel rescued from a dragon (except the dragon was probably named “Bad Decision” in this case).

However, just as Twitterverse started picturing Rhodes-Vivour in glittering armor, Dr. Aniebo dropped a bomb, declaring an intention to make this knight “eat well this week.” And no, the hashtag #chocolate wasn’t anywhere in sight. Instead, she added a winking emoji and the cheeky “and I’d also be on the menu.”

Needless to say, Twitter went wild. Theories spun faster than a beyblade on Red Bull: Was this a playful promise of culinary treats? A subtle hint at some steamy kitchen adventures? Or, as some speculated, a cryptic message about the true nature of their relationship (involving ingredients we wouldn’t dare mention at brunch)?

Dr. Ify Aniebo, ever the master of keeping us guessing, simply smiled (we assume) and retweeted the best memes and jokes, effectively turning her mea culpa into a viral comedy show.

So, what can we learn from Dr. Aniebo’s tweetstorm? Firstly, never underestimate the power of a well-timed shout-out to your boo – it can turn an apology into an internet sensation. Secondly, the hashtag #EatingWell never looked so… intriguing. And finally, sometimes, the best way to handle public mistakes is to embrace the awkwardness and throw in a generous helping of humor.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to sharpen my knives (metaphorically, of course) and see what Dr. Aniebo cooks up next on her Twitter menu. This week promises to be delicious, both in terms of food and entertainment.

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  1. Bomi says

    This woman is a Genius… The best Nigerian PR strategist I’ve seen in a while.

    Thanks Moji for acknowledging her Genius

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