Rhodes-Vivour Extends Olive Branch (and Cheque) to Chika, Twitter Erupts in Memes and Microwaves


In a Twitter plot twist hotter than jollof rice on a Lagos Saturday, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour has finally addressed the saga of Chika Jones, the man who accused Ify Aniebo, Rhodes-Vivour’s wife of withholding payment on a job done. Turns out, it wasn’t just phantom salaries causing Chika’s heartburn – it was an actual plate of eba that went cold amidst the campaign chaos.

In a statement so diplomatic it could win you a visa to Wakanda, Rhodes-Vivour extended an olive branch thicker than Mamaput’s Sunday stew, acknowledging the “episode” and assuring everyone the “situation has been rectified” (read: cheque cleared).

Now, Twitter is having a field day, serving up reactions hotter than Agege pepper:



Of course, there are still skeptics questioning the sincerity of the olive branch, but even they can’t deny the entertainment value. This “episode” has given Twitter more content than a Nollywood box set, proving that sometimes, the real drama unfolds not in the ballot box, but in the comment box.

So, grab your popcorn (or eba, if you prefer), because the Rhodes-Vivour vs. Chika saga is far from over. And remember, in the Twittersphere, forgiveness comes with likes, not just olive branches.

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