MIRROR THOUGHTS: How To Increase Your Confidence In Social Settings


MIRROR THOUGHTS: How To Increase Your Confidence In Social Settings

I think is one of the most effective ways of increasing confidence and ability to interact with people without feeling uncomfortable.

So, I’ve probably said this before, but it bears repeating. Confidence is only gotten through competence. Any other variation of the behavior that does not originate from competence and achievements is false confidence. There is no fake it till you make it.

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A lack of confidence in social settings is always as a result of a few things, such as, feeling inferior, being of a lower social status compared to the other people around, incompetence in the subject matter at hand and an inability to be gracefully and curiously ignorant. I’ll explain that last part in detail shortly.


Feeling Inferior

You feel inferior when you compare your achievements, status, and exploits to the next person and find out they excel in all of these in comparison to you.

You feel like there is nothing you can say that would be deserving of consideration by them.

How do you combat the feeling of inferiority?

It is simple really, look, we’re all human, and some humans are better off than others, which should not weigh you down, rather be a driving force for you to try harder every day.

So what if they are better than you now, work, push until you no longer feel the sting of being ‘less.’

The least you can do is have faith in the FACT that you will exceed everybody’s imaginations.

But this only works when you’re putting in max effort at improving your life.

You can source confidence from within by knowing you’re truly doing the best you can, and trying harder every day, but for things you can’t change, like height; you just ignore because you have absolutely no responsibility over things you can’t control. Just go to the gym and improve your looks to not be worse and you’re good.

For men, effort and results are all that matter.

You need to be putting in max effort at everything you do, and ensuring you stack up results.

Everything else is an addition.


Being Lower Status

Being lower status is inevitable on your rise to the top.
You cannot let that weigh you down or get to you, rather you use it to your advantage.

Whenever you’re meeting with people of higher status, you position yourself as ‘competent.’

Millionaires don’t try to show billionaires that they are rich, they try to befriend them. Show what you can do, and work on building opportunities for escalation.

I teach you how to do that here: Social Climber

Only stupid people feel intimidated by those richer than them rather than admiration and an affinity to learn from them.

You can’t be the richest guy in the world so why do you care if Mr. B has more money than you?

Why not see what you can learn from them and how you can increase your own status? And if you don’t like them, just ignore them.

Point is there is no reason why you should even feel intimidated by someone more powerful than you when they are not attacking you directly.

Most people are already hostile to rich people because deep down they have this conviction the rich person will not like them.

On the other hand, we have those who suck up to the rich in an attempt to benefit something from them.

Both of these are losing strategies and pathetic.

You want to position yourself as competent and capable of providing value.


Inability To Be Gracefully and Curiously Ignorant

If you agree that you don’t know everything there is to know in the world, then you would also agree with me that there will be instances where topics are being discussed when you have no clue about.

Most people lose their confidence in these cases, but why? Lol

It is actually quite surprising these days that people expect you to know everything and if you don’t know something they consider ‘common knowledge’ then you’re a fool. You can simply ask when you don’t know something.

If you feel embarrassed for not knowing something then you need to reevaluate your values. Are you curious and knowledge hungry or does that just serve to impress others? You must answer as to the reason why you like knowing things.

Whenever you don’t know something, ask, show curiosity and thank the person who provides you with what seems to be the most accurate information at the moment. Simple!

Confident people love finding out new interested stuff, they don’t pretend to know it all.


In summary:

-Nobody can make you feel inferior, except you choose to allow it
-Being lower status does not mean you can’t increase your status
-You don’t have to know everything
Keeping these in mind, you play the game to win.

Seize Control!!!

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