MIRROR THOUGHTS: Be Wary Of Those Who Use You (For Their Selfish Ends)


MIRROR THOUGHTS: Be Wary Of Those Who Use You (For Their Selfish Ends)

There are some real snakes out there, especially those with you.
Real bad motherfuckers.

I know it.
You know it.
Everybody knows it.

But do you know how to spot one?

Let me tell you the biggest sign that someone is using you for their own benefit.

They’re hot & cold.

Meaning their behavior towards you seems to be completely random.

They’re not always the same.
They’re not constant.

They are unpredictable.

And that’s because they want to keep you on the edge.

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This type of behavior is most often unconscious.

(Most manipulation is unconscious btw)

But the truth?

The scientific truth?

They’re using positive/negative reinforcement.

They’re nice to you to get what they want.
They’re nice to you to keep you in line.

But once they don’t see any value in you?

They take distances.
They become cold.

And then the next day…

You’re their best friend again.

And for a while, they try to be as close to you as possible.

Here is the reality of things:

If you have someone like this around you..

Chances are you have at some point or another sought their validation.

And they doubled down on that.

This type of people feel like they own you.
This type of people are the kind to backstab you.

They are unreliable.

Emphasis on that last word.

Emphasis on that one because that’s what will save you from meeting these snakes in the future.


That’s the number ONE trait you should evaluate in people before deciding to be close with them.

Friends or love.

Same standard.

How reliable are they?

If you were down to nothing, can you count on them?

And this can be easily measured by looking around and analyzing their other relationships.


I want you to stop putting yourself at the mercy of such motherfuckers.

And the best way to do that is by:

Being as self-sufficient as possible – make sure you don’t depend on anyone.
Being as assertive as possible – allow nobody to step on your toes
Being able to walk away – ever heard of the sunk cost fallacy? Look it up

It’s absolutely dangerous to depend on people.

It’s absolutely weak to let people walk over you.

It’s absolutely stupid to keep people in the name of “good ol’ times”.

Do not…

I repeat..


Under ANY circumstances..

Let ANYONE use you.

If you’re intentionally a giver to gauge people’s intention?


But know where to draw the line.

If you feel like someone is only using you for their own ends?

Trust your gut.

Cut out the motherfucker.

Please stop falling for this.

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