Budding Comedians Under Fire For ‘Sexualizing’ Underage Girls In Skit (VIDEO)



Budding Comedian Slammed For ‘Sexualizing’ Underage Girls In Skit

Two fast rising Nigerian comedians and skit makers, Simingo and Ezebueze have come under heavy criticism after sexualizing young females of about three and four years in one of their skits.

In the video that has been taken down by the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) featured Ezebueze, who acted as a landlord raping a tenant’s toddler.

In the viral clip, one of the skit maker is seen entering his apartment with a two-year-old, who he portrayed as his daughter, and they both greeted another skit maker, playing the role of a landlord, making sexual faces as he sighted the girl.

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The girl is then seen exiting her father’s apartment in the second scene, and the landlord lured her with a drink and took her to his room.

The father then emerges from his room, noticing that his daughter is missing, and goes outside to meet the landlord, only to discover that his daughter’s underwear is outside his landlord’s room and the girl can be heard crying.

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The video sparked outrage from Nigerians, who described the video as offensive, demanding that it be taken down and the two skit makers should be arrested.

After receiving overwhelming backlash and comments from NAPTIP, the skit makers deleted the video on Monday and publicly issued an apology via same Instagram page.

NAPTIP said it was leveraging on its partnership with Meta to escalate and hopefully have the user account suspended.

Uploading or sharing child sexual exploitation material is a crime. Ignorance of the law is no excuse,” NAPTIP tweeted.

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