Bisi Alimi Addresses Trolls, Brags About His HIV Status, Says It Cannot Be Used Against Him



I Have No Pity For Straight Women Marrying Gay Men – Bisi Alimi
Bisi Alimi

Bisi Alimi, the activist for the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender (LGBT+) community has come out to state that his status as a carrier of the dreaded ailment, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).

He wondered how trolls could possibly HIV-shame him when he was in fact the person who made his status public to all and sundry.

He took to Twitter to make his case.

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Someone needs to tell these low budget homophobes that they can’t HIV shame me.

“Me that I openly oust myself as being HIV+, is it the same me, you want to use HIV to shame? You need to do better, awon werey. I will leave you to your bitterness,” he tweeted.

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Bisi Alimi Explains Why He Left Nigeria


In another thread, Bisi Alimi has disclosed why he had to leave Nigeria.

Writing on Twitter, he tweeted,

On the morning of 12th April, 2007, my plane touched down in London, for a life journey destined to change my life. These pictures were taken on the morning of my arrival 16yrs ago.”

He continued,

I landed in London with £20, in my pocket, a phone number to my aunts house that I was not sure will house me. No jobs, no money, but I had one dream! My dream was clear, I will make of my name and myself, what Nigeria has denied me.”

He added, “I have no idea what the journey would be about. I was scared, angry, delusional and hopeless.

I was a 32 year old gay man, chased out of his country by men who defined his sexuality.

The concluding part of his post read,

16 years later, I will be flying out of Lagos again, heading to London.

This time, hopeful, successful, famous, rich and still gay.

“Life they say comes at us really fast, and it does indeed, but I am here to say, it comes at me, fast and good and for this, I am grateful

If like me you are in doubt of your journey, use my story as the inspiration, the spring you need under your feet to help you take the next step, and the next step, and the next step.”

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