Michael Blackson Admonishes Nigerians To Pursue Excellence, Desist From Depending On Their President

Michael Blackson

Ghanaian-American comedian, Michael Blackson has admonished Nigerians to desist from basing their lives on the government or their president.

Blackson‘s statement is coming after Bola Ahmed Tinubu was announced winner of the 2023 presidential election on Wednesday, March 1. The announcement has been met with predominantly negative reactions from some of the nation’s citizens.

The popular Ghanaian-American actor and comedian has offered counsel to Nigerians.

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Here is what he has to say,

Nigeria are ya ok over there?

Who’s older Biden or Nigeria’s, new President?

That Modasucka looks like he’s in his early hundreds.

Are you trying to tell me no one that follows me voted for ya new president?

C’mon Nigeria, how did he win?

This message is to anyone that’s not happy with who their president is.

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He continued,

You can’t live your life depending on a president just work hard and let God be your leader.

You can’t depend on a president for you to be successful in life.

Since I went to America I’ve seen 7 different presidents and non of them changed my life, I changed my life by the Grace of God.

Don’t give a man that much power, you can do it without them.

Be a leader yourself not a follower.

Reagan was an actor so I didn’t know when he was real or acting, Bush sr was confused, Bush jr was slow,

Clinton had side chicks, Obama smoked Marlboros, Trump was nuts and Biden falls every other week. I couldn’t depend on non of them Modasuckas lol. I made it on my own.”


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