Desmond Elliot: Old Photo Of Veteran Actor Alongside Younger Colleague, Olumide Oworu Surfaces Online



Olumide Oworu and Desmond Elliot

Nigerian actor, Olumide Oworu will be vying against his senior colleague, Desmond Elliot, at the polls on Saturday, March 18.

Both thespians will be competing to represent the Surulere Constituency 1 in the Lagos state House of Assembly. A Twitter user recently took to the social media platform with an epic throwback photo showing the two actors together.

As seen, this photo was taken back when Oworu was still a serving member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). The Twitter user who is rooting for Oworu submitted that he would be defeating Elliot at the polls come Saturday, March 18.

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See the photo below.

Olumide Oworu and Desmond Elliot

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Desmond Elliot Apologizes To Nigerian Youths

‘I Sincerely Apologize For Addressing Youths As Children’ - Desmond Elliot

A week ago, the actor-cum-politician tendered a public apology to all his compatriots for his comments about the youths during the #ENDSARS protests in October 2020.

He said he was not referring to everybody as children but to those who were attacking the Speaker of Lagos State House of Assembly, Mr. Musashiru Obasa on his tweeter handle.

The lawmaker who begged for forgiveness said the hatred he has received on the heels of the comment was ‘too much.

The actor had this to say,  “what I can say is, I think forgiveness is divine. I mean, no one owns it all. Something can be your truth and to another person, it might not be. I don’t think going back to bring out those sensitive moments would do anything.

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