Lojay, Nigerian Singer Recounts Domestic Violence Ordeal




Lojay has revealed he was physically assaulted by his previous partner.

The Nigerian recording artiste made this known during a latest episode of Pulse Podcast Network.

The 26-year-old musician whose real name is Lekan Osifeso Jnr. disclosed that he was suffered both physical and emotional abuse in the hands of his partner for six years. He was in a relationship with his abuser from the age of 16 until they dissolved the affair when he was 22.

The woman, who also happened to be his first love, had her good and bad times, but the violent portion began with tiny assaults and attacks like tossing shoes when she got upset, which the singer admitted to have found amusing at the time, until things became violent and more physical.


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Lojay added that because the woman had so many positive traits, he didn’t realize that the actions were abusive at the time.

He narrated, “she stabbed me with a fork; that day was hilarious. She smashed a kettle on my head and dented that sh*t. Then, she stabbed me in the hand with a fork.

It is a horror story; the mark is with me forever.

The funny thing about the moment is that when I look back, the first strike she took was directly to my chest but because it was a fork, it didn’t really cut a lot, but what if it was a knife?

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He continued;

“...the bad part was that at the time, I didn’t even realise that it was abuse. Because at the time, she’d do like 30 good things and then do like 2 f**d up things.”

The celebrity then spoke on the moment the romance came to an end. He said that he was ill and that while he was sipping water, the lady hit him in the face. He claimed that all he could do was advise her to go since he had feelings for her.

Lojay claims that the woman didn’t leave silently on the specified day. She borrowed a more aggressive approach and even came dangerously close to damaging the singer’s car.

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