Perps Of Domestic Violence To Join Support Groups As Lagos Tackles Scourge


Lagos Domestic Violence

The Lagos State Government has started holding support and therapy groups for those who have committed acts of domestic and sexual violence.

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Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi, the executive secretary of the Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency, said in a statement on Thursday that the project was in accordance with Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s commitment to addressing sexual and gender-based violence in the state in a comprehensive way.

She stated;

The worrisome increase in cases of domestic violence has informed the necessity to address the trend.

The support and healing group sessions for perpetrators of domestic violence will tackle the root causes of domestic violence. The programme will help identify and address the underlying factors contributing to perpetrators’ violent behaviour as results from the research show that these domestic violence cases stem from deep-seated issues such as unresolved trauma, anger management problems, substance abuse, or learned patterns of violence.

According to her, without psychological intervention, there was a risk that the act might become a vicious cycle.

“Without psychological intervention, there is a risk that the perpetrators may perpetuate the cycle of violence in their relationships or pass it on to future generations,” Vivour-Adeniyi said.

“Hence through strategic intervention perpetrators can gain insight into these factors and develop healthier coping strategies and also break the cycle of violence that the support and healing group sessions can avail.”

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