Samsung Shades Die-hard iPhone Fans With New Galaxy Z Flip 4 Advert (VIDEO)


Samsung posted a cheeky advert on Thursday, September 8, prior to the iPhone 14 series launch, mocking Apple for lagging behind when it comes to some features. Now that the iPhone 14 launch has come and gone, the Korean manufacturer is back at it with a new video ad.

The Galaxy maker’s latest video depicts a girl showing off her Galaxy Z Flip 4 to a friend, named Elena. We get a look at the clamshell form factor as well as the use of Flex Mode and the palm gesture to take a selfie.

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“I would never switch to Samsung, I love my phone,” Elena says, ostensibly referring to the iPhone.

She then becomes obsessed with everything that flips open and closed, such as a book, a toilet seat, and more. In multiple segments, Elena is obsessed with folding things, such as a pizza, all while repeating to themselves phrases like “I’ve always loved my phone,” “I would never switch,” and “I will never switch to Samsung.”

Of course, the video ends with Elena waking and attempting to fold her iPhone in half, and since it doesn’t, they place an order for the Galaxy Z Flip4.

Meanwhile, an onlooker is transfixed by the form factor and presumably starting the cycle all over again.

Before the ‌iPhone 14‌ launch, Samsung released another ad mocking the “lack of innovation” expected for Apple’s latest phones compared to the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Z Flip4.

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