Kate Henshaw Exposes Lagos Doctor Who Molested Wife’s 15-Year-Old Niece (VIDEO)


Kate Henshaw

Kate Henshaw, an actress, and single mother of one, has said that Dr. Femi Olaleye, the founder of Optimal Healthcare Company, molested his wife’s niece for more than two years.

The actress who has collaborated with Dr. Femi Olaleye in an advocacy capacity for years after he approached her and requested her to join his medical organisation to promote cancer awareness.

Inquiring about Dr. Femi’s wife, who wasn’t there, Kate Henshaw on Friday, September 2, said that she had recently attended one of the advocacy events where women were to receive free screenings.

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She described how Dr. Femi tried to demonise his wife while telling her that they were separated.

According to Kate, the doctor claimed that his wife was the one who set him up by bringing in a 15-year-old who Olaleye portrayed as a woman and having sex with him since she knew his weakness.

Kate admitted that she was unaware that the “lady” in question is actually the wife’s niece, a 15-year-old kid.

Later, she got the information from Dr. Femi’s wife, who told her that the girl was a virgin who had been deflowered by the doctor before being threatened to keep it quiet.

Kate claimed that after reprimanding Dr. Femi for his behaviour, he replied to her message and denied disclosing to her that he had had intercourse with the kid.

Slamming the doctor on Instagram, Kate insisted that he confessed to her and she warned that he will not get away with it.

The actress tweeted;

For many years I have advocated for women & the girl child.
I have worked with @drfemi of @CancerOptimal on Breast Cancer & Cervical screening for many years.
He has sexually molested a minor. My brand has integrity & can never be associated with such. I no longer work with him.

A video also posted on Kemi Filani Blog records the actress explaining the situation:


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