Lagos Govt Mandates Re-Introduction Of History Into Education Curriculum


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History instruction is now required in all primary and junior secondary schools in the state by the Lagos government.

The subject will be taught as an elective in senior secondary schools, according to a document from the state ministry of education that was released on Saturday, August 13.

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It claimed that its most recent action was in accordance with instructions from the Nigerian Education Research and Development Council (NERDC).

The Lagos State Education Ministry noted in the memo signed by Mrs Pelemo E.I, Director of Research;

I have the directive of the OG (OEQA) to inform you that the teaching of History as a standalone subject is back to schools.

The subject has been re-introduced in the national curriculum and in the current Lagos state unified schemes of work for primary and junior secondary schools.

You are to note that while the subject (History) is compulsory for both primary and junior secondary school classes, it is an elective subject in the senior secondary school.

To this end, I am further directed to inform you that the subject should be taught in primaries 1 and 2 and JSS 1 and 2 classes in the 2022/2023 academic session.

For a while now, many primary and secondary schools’ curricula have mostly been devoid of history.

A few historical themes are frequently covered briefly as part of social studies classes.

The national curriculum for primary and junior secondary schools in the country was mandated to once again include history as a stand-alone topic in 2018.

The disarticulation of history from the social studies curriculum would be carried out by the NERDC, according to education minister Adamu Adamu.

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