Charly Boy Pickets Gov El-Rufai Over Threats To OBIDient Movement


Charly boy

The activist Charly Boy, on Monday, August 15, mocked Kaduna governor Nasir el-Rufai for joking about a planned protest for Peter Obi backers in the state.

Prior to the 2023 election, Obi is the Labour Party’s (LP) nominee for president.

A two million-person march in support of him was going to be held in the state, according to his Kaduna supporters.

El-Rufai, though, had mocked the action in a tweet. He claimed in the now widely shared tweet that Obi’s supporters could only reach the anticipated attendance by “importing” people into the state.

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His tweet has continued to elicit a wave of backlashes on social media, with a segment of users faulting his action.

Joining the fray, the activist, whose real name is Charles Oputa, called the governor a “clown”.

The musician and actor argued that el-Rufai has no justification to mock Obi’s supporters, citing the challenges confronting the state.

Charly Boy wrote on Twitter;

Can you just imagine dis (this) clannish clown, El Rufai, wey dey owe workers salary. Kaduna is now the leading state in terrorism.

The once upon a time very peaceful state is now a bandit paradise. Many of the victims of the Kaduna train attack dem still hold hostage.

The only tin (thing) wey dey worry dis (this) clown na the one million march pass by Peter Obi supporters. Nonsense.


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