Dancer, Kaffy Narrates Near-Death Experience Due To Medication Allergy (Video)


Dancer, Kaffy Narrates Near-Death ExperienceDancer and choreographer, Kaffy has recounted how a medication she was allergic to nearly took her life.

The 41-year-old took to her Instagram page in the late hours of Monday to share videos of her praising God for saving her from an “avoidable death”.

In a lengthy note that accompanied the video clips, the celebrity dancer said she took some medication that made her system inactive because they triggered allergies she never realised she had.

Kaffy stressed that after taking the drugs, it became difficult for her to breathe, saying that the colour of her eyes started to change while her lungs were not functioning properly.

She wrote;

Lungs collapsing. Eyes changing colour. Belly swelling. Taking a breath feels like I was slipping into a dangerous sleep. But mercy said no. Thank you God for another chance. A lot don’t make it through these avoidable deaths. I am not better than them, I am grateful for your mercy, not today Satan, said the lord.

Be careful some medication can be lethargic to your system, there are allergies we might not know of. God protects you all.

Kaffy, born Kafayat Shafau-Ameh, has had impressive stints as a dancer, leading her dance group to break the Guinness Book of Record for Longest Dance Party in 2006.

In 2019, she however revealed that she had wanted to be an aeronautical engineer not a dancer.

She had said;

I wanted to be an aeronautical engineer; I never wanted to be a dancer. Let’s be real to ourselves, a lot of us went to school to study something but are not practising what we studied but the knowledge of that has helped.


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