Coronavirus: Twitter Users React To Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Claim That FG Locked Down Lagos And Abuja To Install 5G Network


As the world continues to fight against the deadly Coronavirus, there has been fake news, unconfirmed speculations and conspiracy theories regarding what the virus is about and how it came to be.

In the last couple of weeks, some celebrities, popular pastors and politicians have linked the fifth generation (5G) network and Coronavirus, postulating that the network is the cause of the disease.

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It would be recalled that founder of Believers Love World, also known as Christ EmbassyPastor Chris Oyakhilome had told his members in a sermon over the weekend that the 5G was part of the new world order where some figures of authority in the world were trying to build a religion, economy and government for the entire universe.

Quoting Revelation Chapter 13, he said there is no need for a vaccine, adding that the pandemic is part of the Antichrist’s plan for a new world order.

Another video that has since gone viral since it was posted showed Pastor Chris responding to questions regarding his earlier claim about the 5G network and Coronavirus.

The cleric maintained the claim and further explained that President Muhammadu Buhari was forced to lock down Abuja and Lagos so that the 5G could be installed.

He insisted that Coronavirus did not kill anyone in the Wuhan City of China but 5G did, saying;

In Nigeria for example, the Federal Government intervened and shut down… declared a total lockdown for Abuja and Lagos even though the State Government had given their own instructions for the lockdown already but it was not enough.

Pastor Chris explained that;

The Federal government was pushed to lock down Abuja and Lagos specifically. Why? Because of 5G in Abuja and Lagos. Because they already tested 5G in Abuja and they’re digging in Lagos.

They’re engaged in the draining in Lagos. That is why the Federal government had to shut down Abuja and Lagos so that the 5G could be installed. And there are other cities planned for.

He said the government told people to stay at home to curb the spread of the virus but they just want to install the network after testing it in Abuja.

Pastor Chris reiterated his previous claim, saying;

As I said before, what kills people in Wuhan was not Coronavirus. It was the 5G. If you say it’s not, then tell us how you discovered yours.

These claims by the cleric have sparked outrage on the internet and direct responses from various people.

The cleric’s counterpart, founder of Kingsway International Christian Church (KICC), Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo reacted to Pastor Chris’s claims saying it should be regarded as fake news.

Pastor Ashimolowo urged Christians around the world to stay away from theories and claims of 5G network being the Antichrist.

He admitted that Christian leaders are fond of tagging any major occurrence around the world the coming of the Antichrist, adding that though he is not a scientist, he was sure that Chris Oyakhilome’s teaching is a conspiracy theory.

Controversial On-Air personality, Daddy Freeze also reacted, saying WhatsApp is the major problem Nigeria is facing due to dissemination of false information people use the app for.

He wrote;

The fear and unfounded conspiracy theories being peddled on WhatsApp are our near and present danger, not 5G.-WhatsApp has become the medium for spreading the modern day ‘Jewish myths’ the Apostles complained about and when it’s in the hands of religious and superstitious people, it becomes a looming catastrophe.

Daddy Freeze said if there is anything the government needs to ban, it should be WhatsApp, adding that 5G is the future of the internet.

Other Nigerians on Twitter have also reacted to the claims by Pastor Chris that 5G network is the sole cause of the Coronavirus that has affected over 200 countries in the world. 

See reactions from Twitter below:

Watch video of Pastor Chris below;

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