Creative Ways Of Storing Your Side Chick’s Number On Your Phone To Avoid Detection 




By Sexy Aboki:

Most guys make huge mistakes when saving phone numbers of their Side chicks, Vice-girlfriends and Deputy wives.

Here is a more resourceful list to heed by and believe me… It’s foolproof.  Even batman won’t be able to find out let alone your spouse or Main  Chick. Here are the top names to save your side checks name on your phone without detection.

1. Dr. Abiodun

2. Baba Landlord

3. Eze Tyres

4. Oga Work

5. MD Private Line

6. Pastor Philip

7. Usman Dollar

8. Customer Service -Airtel

9. Customer Service – DSTV

10. MFM- Brother Okowa (Dodge him!)

But seriously guys, isn’t it less stressful to stay faithful?  Just saying!

  1. Mannyxander says

    Hahahahahahahahahaha… this really got me cracked up. Lmao @MF broda( dodge him).

    Manny the long lost MDB’er

  2. Prof says

    Better to be faithful

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