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Top 10 Things Men Do That Piss Women Off

There are certain behaviors that piss females off to no end. I’m sure you can think of many examples, but there are specific instances just different from the rest.

Sure, guys may think we (women)  overreact in these situations, but, honestly, we’re annoyed and don’t really care what you think. Sound silly? EYAHH… Too bad.

I’m sure there are tons of things females do to piss men off, but it’s just a part of life. No matter how illogical or ridiculous these annoyances are, they just keep reoccurring time after time.

So what are some of the things men do to make a woman want to explode?

Here are the top 10 most annoying habits men have that piss women off.

1. Stingy men: If a man doesn’t have, he doesn’t have. That I can understand.  What I don’t get is a man who is loaded but still refuses to spend money ON HIMSELF  talk more of his spouse or kids.  It’s just plain ridiculous.  Oga did they swear for you? His crude mentality will not allow him enjoy his own money and frankly that is not sexy  at all. Kai I can’t stand stingy men!!!!

2. Rushing a Woman: Men don’t understand that when shopping, dressing or even cooking to get a good end result you need to take your time. That’s why we women always look fabulous and will always have better bargain  than men do at the end of the day.

3. Sitting in a scattered room: So far a man can get a place to relax,  he doesn’t mind if the room is scattered i.e like having clothes on the bed,  shoes not in shelves or even the bed unmade. Most men think it’s not a big deal.

4. I. T. K (I TOO KNOW) : Most men make a lot of mistakes  especially  when it comes to things they have little or no knowledge about. They rather figure  it out themselves  than feel the need to ask for assistance. ahh…  Testosterone.

5. Aggressive Toasting : I don’t know who told men that when a woman says no or turns you down it means yes or try harder. My dear brothers you have been lied to.  Nothing pisses a woman more than a man who doesn’t know when to call quits. It can be bloody annoying! 

6. Talking to exes: This should be no 1 sef. What are you missing or chatting with an ex girlfriend  for? Some women don’t mind but in my case fire will consume the pubic hair of any woman that tries to come between me and my investment…. I mean man.

7. Not being treated like a lady: Women nowadays are resourceful and independent but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want a man taking charge once in a while. Open the door for your woman, make her breakfast,  know when her period starts and listen to her nagging once in a while.  It’ll make her feel like royalty.

8. Not being firm: A man that can’t put his foot down is called a boy.  He should be able to make some certain decisions and stick with it irrespective of what anyone says… even what his woman says so far at the end of the day it benefits you both. Be it in his career goals or to even grow a beard.  Stick to it!

9. Bed Boredom: If all he does is orgasm  and doze off then babe better warn him.  Sex has saved more marriages than wealth and if he can’t at least make you cum once in a month then you need to rethink your relationship because someone will cheat.  That is the plain truth.Be adventurous, learn, teach each other how to actin bed. Haba!!!! Who are you forming for?

10. Workaholic Men: Finally there are those men who feel that true happiness all depends on what his salary states. He’s always on his phone engrossed with work too busy to notice if you lost your foot or not.  You feel like a second wife because he is more in love with his career than you.  It can be annoying…geskiya 
Feel free to add more comments as to what men do that piss you off. 

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