Landmark Beach Offers Refunds After Demolition for Coastal Highway Project



Landmark Beach, a popular resort destination on Victoria Island, Lagos, is issuing refunds to customers following the demolition of parts of their property to make way for the Lagos-Calabar coastal highway project.

The demolition, which took place earlier this week, forced the temporary closure of Landmark Beach. The resort’s management, Landmark Africa, announced the refund process on their X (formerly Twitter) account on Friday.

Customers can request a refund through the Landmark Citizen App. The company acknowledged a high volume of requests and cautioned that processing times may be extended. They assured customers that all valid refund requests will be addressed.

“Dear Landmark Citizens, we would like to assure you all that we have started issuing refunds to those who requested a refund of their money on the Landmark Citizen App.

“Please be patient with us, due to the volume of requests, this process will take some time. Be rest assured that all refund requests will be processed,” the statement read.

Landmark Beach has not yet publicly disclosed the extent of the damage or the impact on future operations. The company also hasn’t commented on any potential compensation discussions with the government for the acquired land.

The Lagos-Calabar coastal highway project is a major infrastructure initiative aimed at improving transportation links between the country’s major cities in the southern region. The project has faced some criticism due to the impact on private properties and businesses.

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